Watch Turkish Series in Romanian Subtitles

If you have ever wondered what to watch in Romanian subtitles, you can find many different options available on the internet. A Seriale Turcesti in Romanian subtitles can be a wonderful option if you don’t know where to start. For example, you can watch Ariza, Yeni Hayat, or Carpisma. This way, you’ll have subtitles available in your preferred language.


If you’re looking for an action-packed drama series with English subtitles, you’ve come to the right place. The Turkish series “Ariza” is about a young taxi driver, Ali Riza, who fights against mafia gangs and mafia figures in order to get revenge on the man who killed his father. Along the way, he meets a beautiful doctor named Halide, who is a member of an influential family. The two eventually fall in love, and Halide’s family is destroyed by an armed assault.

Yeni Hayat

If you’re not familiar with Yeni Hayat, you might be interested in watching this Turkish television series in Romanian subtitles. The story follows a young man named Adem, who is part of a Special Forces unit. He is an excellent soldier and is often posted to different locations across Turkey. However, when he is injured, he is forced to leave his job and look for a new one in Istanbul. Meanwhile, his wife Nilperi and daughter Sahinkaya are both looking for a way out of Timur’s life.


Whether you are looking for an English, Turkish, or Romanian version of Carpisma, you’ve come to the right place. This series has four main characters who meet by chance and begin a new chapter in each of their lives. The main character, Kadir, tries to leave his past and find peace with his wife’s death. The other three characters, Zeynep and Cemre, are both former basketball players who have to find the truth behind their fiancee’s infidelity.


One of the most successful Turkish TV series on the internet has recently been dubbed into Romanian from peserialehd. The series, Hercai, is set in Mardin, Turkey, and its first season ended last week. It will return to air later this fall. Watching the series is not just for Turkish TV lovers – it’s also a perfect way to discover Romanian culture! If you want to learn more about this series, keep reading!


The popular Turkish television series Resurrection in Turkmen with Romanian subtitles is being broadcast on Pakistan’s state television in the country. The Turkish series stars a sultan who marries a Romanian slave who becomes an important figure in Turkish history. There are 139 episodes in this series, and some critics have condemned it as factually inaccurate and “humiliating”.

Ask 101

If you’re interested in watching Turkish series in Romanian subtitles, you’re in luck! There are several series available on Netflix right now, including Ask 101, which is the third one. This series is set in the 1990s and follows a group of teenagers and their basketball coach. The story is full of romance and adventure. Here are some tips to enjoy this series in Romanian subtitles:

Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne?

The story centers on a young woman named Fatmagul, who sets out on a quest to exact revenge against men who have abused her in the past. Fatmagul decides to seek revenge by inhaling drug paraphernalia to make sure her attackers can’t stop her from doing her dirty work. The plot develops throughout the story, with Fatmagul discovering new and unexpected facets of herself as she tries to get back at the men who have wronged her.

Kara Para Ask

If you’re looking for a way to watch a Turkish series with subtitles, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been hooked on Turkish drama for nearly 50 years, and I’m planning my third trip to Turkey this spring! Watch the trailer below, and get ready to be hooked on Turkish drama! You’re sure to find a series you love! But how do you choose one?

Erkenci Kus

If you are looking for a series to watch on your computer with Romanian subtitles, then you have come to the right place. Erkenci Kus Turkish series in Romanian subtitles has become very popular among viewers across the world. The series is based on a Turkish novel and offers high-octane action and historical entanglements. It follows the story of a young man who works in his father’s antique shop in Istanbul. Each episode lasts about two hours.

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