Glamcode Premium Home Salon: Services and Benefits

After a time of stress and busy schedules the skin and hair are just as exhausted as you. It’s the right moment to make an appointment with our beauty therapist to take advantage of Home salon services and gain benefits. The GlamCode the best salon Services are offered at affordable prices.

Facial: The treatment for the skin which focuses on the face is classified under the facial. It is the most popular choice for beauty treatments favored by women today. It includes a full procedure that includes exfoliating, bleach, detan and steam massage to various kinds of masks. The facial treatment at Glamcode is a wonderful combination of modern Ayurveda and traditional techniques.

Facials: There are a variety of kinds of facials on our site for various skin types Parlor at home. This is the place to pamper your face as this.

1. Clean-ups: We offer two kinds of facial cleanser that include VLCC Clean UP and Sea Soul Organic Clean Up. Both are made to make your skin appear clean and clean.

2. Luxury Facials help your skin feel luxurious choosing from our wide selection of Luxury facials like Skin Tightening, Anti Tan, VLCC Fruit Facial, Insta Glow, Gold Facial, Herbal Anti Tan, Herbal Radiant Gold as well as Bridal Glow. Each facial is specifically designed to help you make your skin appear perfect, fair, and radiant, which helps you appear confident and gorgeous.

3. Premium Facial: This collection of Premium Facials are available at an affordable price so that our customers don’t have to put a stress on their budget for beauty. This is Cheryl’s Skin Lifting and Cherryl’s Tan Clear, Cheryl’s Oxy Blast Lotus Insta Fair the Gold Facial, Skin Lightening, O3+ Sea White Facial O3+ Power Brightening, and O3+ Bridal Glow Facial. Like the name suggests, the best one – each facial is designed perfectly to make your skin appear gorgeous for that special occasion.

4. Ultra-Premium Facial: This line includes professional treatment and rejuvenation of your skin. The entire range products – CasmaraGoji Treatment, Casmara Ocean Miracle Treatment, Casmara Skin Sensation Treatment, CasmaraPielNacar Facial Treatment will ensure that your skin feels at ease and glowing like a star.

Waxing at Home

Waxing is the process used to temporarily eliminate the unwanted hair from various skin areas. It can be found on arms, under arms bikini line and butt region, back abdomen, back, and stomach. Our expert beauticians perform the procedure with skill so that you feel it as completely painless. The Glamcode waxing procedure is performed using high-quality products that make your skin to feel refreshed and clean. You can now book the time slot to receive the waxing treatment using our extensive range of treatments for waxing.

* Exotic Honey

* RICA Wax

* Face Wax

* RICA Roll-On Wax

Manicure and Pedicure Hands that are beautiful and beautiful legs make up half the beauty of women. However, both are exhausted after our hectic daily routines and require attention and love. The procedure of cosmetic exfoliation to exfoliate and cleansing your legs and hands is also known as manicures and pedicures. What a great thing to know that Glamcode provides all of these beauty treatments at your home. We’ve created the various manicure and pedicure options based on various skin types. This includes

* Sea Soul Basic Organic Manicure & Pedicure

* Sea Soul Organic Chocolate Mint Manicure and Pedicure

* Vedic Valley Exotic Manicure and Pedicure

* O3+ Pedilogix Bubblegum Manicure & Pedicure


Natural method of removing exact hair that is around the eyebrows and face and creating the perfect shape for the eyebrows. It is the most popular procedure for beauty that takes just 15 minutes of hand-treatment. It’s less painful than waxing, and does not cause any adverse effects.

Threading can give your eyes a more attractive and stunning appearance, which helps keep your face appear bright, clean and stunning. You can choose from Glamcode threading service in your home.

Eye Brow Threading

* Full-Face Threading

* Upper Lip Threading

* Chin Threading

* Forehead Threading

* Threads for Side Locks

* Jawline Threading

* Neck Threading

Detan & Bleach: Your skin turns dull, dry and tanned due to constant exposure to sunlight and environmental pollutants. The treatment for cosmetics that removes dead cells and tanned skin is referred to as detan and bleach. We at Glamcode have developed a variety of natural and contemporary methods to treat problematic skin areas. Book your next appointment with Glamcode and feel great regarding your appearance.

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