How Physiotherapists Help You Deal With TMJ Pain

How Physiotherapists Help You Deal With TMJ Pain

If you’re suffering from TMJ pain, a physiotherapist can offer you help. They can help you find the right posture for your jaw and neck. They can also teach you exercises that strengthen your muscles and torso, which may help ease your pain. Your physiotherapist may also give you advice about the right way to … Read more

How to Save Money on Health Coverage

Save Money on Health Coverage

If you’re looking for ways to save money on health coverage, you’re not alone. In this article, health care experts share the best ways to save money. These include: Choosing an in-network provider, choosing a short-term plan, and considering an Rx discount card. In-network care Finding a health care provider who is in your health … Read more

Holistic Medicine Man in Bolivia

A new book about the life of Holistic Medicine Man in Bolivia is gaining popularity. Suxo, a 60-year-old indigenous healer from the Andes, teaches in a rural village in northern Bolivia. Although most of his time is spent in his home town, he also travels along the old Inca trail to Cuzco, the legendary capital … Read more

7 Tips to Prevent Kidney Infections

Infections are everywhere and can literally impact your health in general. Just like throat or ear infections, there are infections that impact your organs as well. Kidneys are no exception to this. Being your natural body cleaners, these organs work to purify your blood and remove all the toxins from your blood. Kidney infections are … Read more

Master Emotions – You Are Stronger Than You Think 

Whether we’re stuck in traffic, negotiating with a problematic coworker, or debating with a loved one, we’ve all been in circumstances when our emotions got the best of us. Often, it’s because we didn’t know what was going on until it was too late to stop the “emotional train.” Because we haven’t learned emotional mastery, … Read more