7 Tips to Prevent Kidney Infections

Infections are everywhere and can literally impact your health in general.

Just like throat or ear infections, there are infections that impact your organs as well. Kidneys are no exception to this. Being your natural body cleaners, these organs work to purify your blood and remove all the toxins from your blood.

Kidney infections are quite common and can affect anyone. There are many common signs and symptoms of kidney infection. Though these symptoms can vary from person to person, here are some of the common signs and symptoms of a kidney infection.

  • Pain on the sides
  • Fever or chills
  • Constant fatigue
  • Changes in appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Frequent urination
  • Pain and burning while urinating

However, that’s not the case with everyone. My uncle got a kidney infection and he had problems with sleeping and swollen extremities. This led to the diagnosis and he was then treated by the best urologist doctor in Karachi.

How to Prevent Kidney Infections?

No matter what causes you to suffer from a kidney infection, there are many ways that can help you prevent the problem. Are you also looking for ways to prevent kidney infections? Here is all you need to know about it!

1- Fix your Wiping Technique

The way you wipe yourself affects your susceptibility to developing a kidney infection. The way you clean yourself after toilet usage determines the entry of bacteria via your excretory tract. A good practice is to wipe yourself from front to back to prevent the entry of bacteria. 

2- Urinate After Sexual Intercourse – A Must!

While it is a common practice to urinate after sexual activity many people tend to skip it. This can be one of the prominent reasons behind your suffering from a kidney infection. This practice is equally important for both men and women. So, urinating should be a must and can help to prevent any bacteria from moving further into your body and remove them via flushing.

3- Don’t Hold Your Pee for Too Long

There are many things that increase your likelihood of getting a kidney infection. 

I remember when I headed to a urological study center to find blood urea test prices in Pakistan for my uncle who was suffering from an existing kidney infection, the urologist there discussed how holding your pee for too long can impact your chances of developing a kidney infection.

When your urine remains there in a single place then it makes you develop urinary infections easily. This can also pose other harmful effects to your overall health such as the weakening of your bladder muscles.

4- Drink a Lot of Water

Water consumption is good for your health for all these reasons. You need to drink good amounts of water to keep your skin glowing and to keep your kidneys healthy. 

This also impacts your chances of suffering from kidney infections. When it comes to keeping yourself hydrated plain water is known to play a key role. It helps to flush toxins out of your body and keep kidney infections at bay.

5- Take Prebiotics

When it comes to infections, probiotics are known to play an effective role. Taking probiotics can help to promote the growth of good bacteria in your digestive tract that accounts for a healthy immune system thus preventing kidney infections. 

You can get these probiotics from natural sources such as yoghurt or can also get the probiotic supplements that are commercially available. Get to know about these from Crowd Cow review.

6- Get Vitamin C

Just like probiotics, vitamin C also helps you to build a stronger immune system. There are many ways in which vitamin C can help you. 

It helps to fight oxidative stress which is one of the key factors that determine your immunity. You can get enough of this essential vitamin from your diet or can either get it from the supplements.

7- Don’t Overuse Hygiene Products

There are a variety of hygienic products currently available in the market. These variants come in different scents and have different chemicals in their composition. 

However, these chemicals can alter the frequency of bacteria in your genitals by altering the pH. This way, the use of these cleaning products can determine your risk of suffering from kidney infections by affecting the growth of bacteria. SO, make sure to avoid the overuse of these products or at least pay attention to reading the labels to know what’s inside.

Bottom Line!

Just like the other bacterial infections, kidney infections are also pretty common and can impact one’s ability to develop a kidney infection. However, with the right care, one can minimize their chances of getting the infection. 

Though you can’t completely avoid the infection chances, so it is also important to keep an eye on the warning signs so you can act accordingly and keep your kidneys healthy.

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