7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body 

Your body is a machine that works day and night to help you survive, and it does some amazing functions that you might not even know about.

Keep reading to explore all the different things about your body that will be new to you!

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

Your Skin Is Your Largest Organ

You might think your skin is a protective layer for all other organs, but your skin is basically an organ on its own. And also, the largest organ you have. It is responsible for various functions, including protecting your body from harmful substances, regulating body temperature, and even producing vitamin D when sunlight exposes it.

There Are More Bacteria In Your Body Than Cells

The number of bacterial cells in your body is estimated to be 10 times higher than that of human cells. It’s nothing to be worried about because not all bacteria and germs are bad.

You Can Smell Over 1 Trillion Scents

Your sense of smell is incredibly powerful. That is due to the complex structure of your nasal cavity and the ability of your brain to distinguish between different odor molecules.

Your Body Is Taller In The Morning

Did you know you are taller in the morning than in the evening? Throughout the day, the discs in your spine compress, and that is because of gravity. Once they compress, you get shorter. But once you lay down or sleep at night, your spine decompresses, so it has a chance to look taller again in the morning.

Because your spine is one of the most important parts of your body, it is crucial that you always take proper care of your posture and body overall! Consider looking into a spine surgeon in Phoenix or an area near you if you ever have questions regarding your spine health. Check out this guide about hospice in san diego.

Your Heart Generates Electricity

Your heart not only pumps blood but also creates electricity. The electrical impulses generated by your heart help to regulate your heartbeat and keep your body functioning properly.

Your Brain Generates More Electricity Than All The Telephones Of The World

Yes, your brain generates electricity too, far more than all the world’s telephones. It is because it’s a complex organ that multitasks all the time.

Bones Are Stronger Than Steel

You might feel like your bones break easily and are weak, but that isn’t true. They are incredibly resilient and able to withstand a surprising amount of force.

How to Learn More About Your Body

Note Your Symptoms

noting down changes in your body is very helpful for you and your doctor. It is smart to note down any random headaches or pains that are absurd or any pains that are too common. It helps you identify a lot of things about your body.

Get Regular Checkups

There is nothing more important than getting regular checkups from your doctor. You might be able to identify any unfortunate circumstances very early and take the best preventative strategies for yourself!

Health Wearables

Many health apps and wearables are available to help you track your health and fitness goals. It might seem like an investment, and sometimes it is. But these wearables track your heart rate, monitor your pulse, and even you’re breathing.

How to Take Care of Your Body

You’ve already seen what your body does for you, and it’s almost magic. That is why you need to give back and take care of it so that it may continue to do it for you.

Have A Balanced Diet

One cannot stress this enough. A balanced diet of carbs, protein, fiber, sufficient exercise, and hydration is important for you!


It would be best if you had some exercise to help you stay physically fit. At the same time, it releases endorphins that also keep you mentally happy!

Regular Sleep

You might like working all the time to secure your future, but receiving regular and quality sleep can help you more than you think. Regular sleep maintains health, keeping you fit and mentally by reducing stress and allowing concentration, and quality sleep even helps you build an immunity system.


Your body is a remarkable machine, capable of performing incredible functions to keep you alive and healthy. Remember to learn more about what your body can do so that you may utilize it to the greatest potential and also so that you may take care of it.

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