How to stop making the first arrange meeting effective

Arranged marriage and matrimonial sites are the prominent norm of Indian society when it comes to marriage in society. Though love marriage is in the trend is flourishing at a firing speed, still, the pattern of arranged marriage exceeds the love marriage by bounds and leaps. Arranged marriage turns out to be a bond between two families and even if you are in the modern set-up and the boy and girl-to-be are allowed to have a conversation with each other well. 

That is when you found yourself asking the question: how to initiate the arranged marriage conversation? Which norm of marriage is better: love or arrange his favourite issues of perpetual debate among youth. If they discuss arranged marriage, the first meeting between the boy and the girl is set up by the families. 

Some steps that stop making arrange a meeting an awkward situation

  • Make the first meeting magical dress and smell well: before starting the communication with people, one thing which helps you to formulate the assumption about them is how they are dressed up. Commence the arranged marriage first meet by dressing up and using fine aromatic to smell good.
  • Ask them about their social life and daily routine: few people are introverts who want to spend time in the comfort of their home, so maybe cozy with a book or watch TV. Some could be extroverts who love to meet new people or chill with friends every week. Asking your potential partner about their social life and interests could give you invaluable insight into such aspects so you could gauge whether or not you have something in common.
  • Choose a comfortable spot to meet: select a happening and serene place where it is easier to have a conversation with each other without any hindrance. A cacophonic and crowded bar or pub is a terrible choice for the first meeting. Places like coffee shops, theme based restaurants render a comfortable and soothing environment for conversation.
  • Exchange thought for marriage: it is critical to know what the expectation is from marriage. Hindu or Punjabi matrimonial have different categories and one may choose according to their preferences. Understanding each other’s take on marriage could help you to adjust the expectations so you may meet each other well.
  • Discuss duties toward parents: this could be difficult during your first meeting but it is as essential as everything else. It may be prudent to do so. It could help to understand life after marriage and your partner has a choice to decide whether to live up to it with you or not. Supporting your parents financially or physically is your opinion but it is also a duty to tell your partner about it before any confirmation. 
  • Do not have scripted conversation: never speak in a puppet manner like you are uttering news in a limited time frame. Have two-way communication and try to listen to each other patiently. 

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