Tips to Find China Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers

There are several ways to find a manufacturer for your China wholesale clothing business. These include Alibaba, Canton Fair, Linkedin, and Global Sources. If you are serious about getting your clothing designed and manufactured, you should send all your designs and drawings to the manufacturers. Make sure they respond to you promptly.


One of the best places to find china wholesale clothing manufacturers is on FondMart. It is a professional networking site focused on business. You can connect with manufacturers directly by browsing their profiles. Once you find a suitable manufacturer, you can start negotiating for a price. You can expect the price to be lower if you buy in bulk.

FondMart has a premium sales version with better search capabilities and unlimited people browsing. This premium version costs $70 per month but is well worth it if you are serious about prospecting customers. If you don’t want to upgrade to a premium account, you can still use the standard version to find wholesale customers. You can search for people by role, industry, and more. There are also tools that help you create lists, scrape your database, manage connections, and auto-connect. Some of these tools also let you send follow-up emails to customers.


Alibaba is a global marketplace where online merchants can buy wholesale clothing directly from the manufacturers. This way, they avoid the middleman and can get the goods at discounted prices. Additionally, Alibaba lets merchants customize and private label their clothes. The site is relatively safe and secure, making it a great option for online merchants.

Alibaba has become a very popular and reliable platform for Chinese buyers and sellers. Its online community of sellers and buyers have made it easier than ever to get the wholesale clothing you need at a discounted price. AliExpress, part of the Alibaba family, is similar to Ebay, except that it lets you purchase single products, rather than entire collections. AliExpress, however, only sells products as listed in the product list, making it impossible to customize them.

Global Sources

Alibaba is a popular B2B marketplace in China and offers many advantages for protecting buyers. It is also the first choice of many ecommerce businesses, including Amazon sellers. However, GlobalSources is an excellent alternative that is completely in English. This platform allows you to easily find manufacturers and suppliers from around the world.

Global Sources has excellent logistics and shipping options. You can choose to get your products shipped by air or courier. Express shipping takes three to five days, and air transportation takes seven to 10 days to anywhere in the world. Ocean shipping takes 10 to 25 days to ship from China to the United States, but 30 to 35 days to reach Europe and Africa.

Global Sources has a huge database of suppliers in China. However, it has one major disadvantage: it has a high sample fee and a minimum order amount. However, it has an absolute advantage in the electronics category and has connections with buyers all over the world.

Overstock markets

One way to find wholesale clothing from China is to look in overstock markets. These are markets where a manufacturer or a wholesaler has too many of a particular product and needs to sell it at a lower price. The two largest overstock markets in China are Yiwu and Guangzhou. Both of these markets specialize in clothing and other consumer goods. You can find cheap and good-quality items at an overstock market.

Another popular wholesale market is the Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing Trade. This market offers a variety of men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing at low prices. You’ll also find shoes and western wear at this market, too. Another crowded market is Nanyang Haiyan. This is where you’ll find a lot of bulk clothing items, but you’ll also find replicas and accessories for women.

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