Top 3 Strategies for Nailing Your Next Virtual Interview

Virtual interviews are quickly becoming the new normal. The idea is that candidates may feel more comfortable in their homes, allowing for better-quality interviews. Unfortunately, not all applicants prepare for interviews the way they should. Some connect to remote interviews sitting in unprofessional settings when simple Zoom office backgrounds can help them depict more professionalism. Career coaches recommend all job candidates consider three strategies to ensure their next virtual interview is successful.

1. Test Sound, Audio, and Appearance Beforehand

It is not enough to download the correct program for the interview or buy the right equipment. You also must ensure that everything works the way it is supposed to. Too many job applicants fail their first interviews because they didn’t bother to check their audio or video connections before it.

Before you attend a virtual interview, take the time to check your software, audio, and video equipment. If possible, Zoom with a friend before the interview to test your audio and video connections. While you can try things the evening before, it is best to test connections the day of, reducing any risks.

2. Practice Remote Meeting Etiquette

If you don’t have experience with virtual interviews, you must familiarize yourself with proper etiquette. You can use a Zoom background with logo to create a more professional environment. If you choose not to use a virtual background, set up your computer or device in a clean room with appropriate decorations.

Also, prepare as you would for a traditional interview. Research the company, wear appropriate clothing, prepare questions, and take notes. While remote interviews differ somewhat from conventional interviews, they share more similarities than differences.

3. Prepare and Communicate Well

Preparation for an interview is about more than researching company culture. You also want to ensure that you feel confident and that your confidence comes through during the process. Interviewers love candidates that can answer their questions with little hesitation and utmost clarity.

You can and should hesitate when giving responses. You want to show the interviewer that you are considering your reply. However, if you wait too long, it can appear as though the question stumped you. The best advice is to take your time to digest the question. If it helps, you can reiterate the question for clarification, which will also give you some extra time to consider your response.

Interviews are always nerve-wracking. Still, with a professional Zoom office background with logo and research on your side, you can do it. A virtual interview might seem more intimidating, but it can provide a more relaxing experience in many ways.

Take a breath as you prepare for your next virtual interview, whether it is your first or ninth. Remote interviews feel like a strange new beast, but they are the same as traditional interviews, only with a digital upgrade. If you do not feel confident in your interview skills, consider talking to a career coach or a service specializing in remote meetings. In the meantime, know that you got this.

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