How Do I Get Romanian Subtitles?

You can request them on any media input or file format. Some of the steps are: Transliterate or Italicize unusual letters and characters; Use forceful narrative titles; and Avoid translating proper names unless Clicksud has approved translations. Then, submit your request. Once processed, you’ll be able to watch your content in the language of your choice!

Italicize unusual or unfamiliar letters

The first rule of Subtitrat Romana is that they should be as detailed as possible. For example, if you are writing about a river, make sure to include a description of the speed of the waves and the voices. You should also capitalize the proper nouns and the volume of the sounds. However, do not italicize speaker IDs, short phrases, or voice-over.

Foreign words that have become common in English do not necessarily need to be italicized. For example, “deja vu” is a common term that most English speakers would recognise. Also, common Latin abbreviations are not usually italicized. Similarly, words that have entries in an authoritative English-language dictionary do not need to be italicized. It is important to keep in mind that some words are only italicized and should be translated in a different way.

Transliterate unusual or unfamiliar letters/characters

To get Romanian subtitles, you can transliterate unfamiliar or unusual characters or letters. Unless they’re part of a proper noun, they should be transliterated into the correct form. In the case of proper nouns, make sure to keep the diacritics, such as commas. Also, make sure to transliterate any words in the subtitle that contain ellipses. It’s more efficient to transliterate an ellipse instead of three dots and a period.

Use forceful narrative titles

When creating subtitles for a film, you need to think about what is important to include in each line. Make sure to use all capital letters and only include nicknames when they have a specific meaning. In other words, do not use ellipses unless the text is essential for the plot. It is also important to make sure that all foreign words are transliterated properly. For example, if one character is saying ‘tortorass’, then the title should be ‘Torstrasse’.

Avoid translating proper names unless Clicksud provides approved translations

There are a few rules to follow when translating subtitles, but most of the time, proper names should be left out. Proper names refer to objects in the real world. It is rarely appropriate to give away personal information to an audience. Instead, use nicknames. You can find the proper translation for a character or a series on Clicksud. Just follow the rules above and you’ll be fine.

Embedding subtitles in media file

One way to add Romanian subtitles to your media files is to use a caption management platform. Subtitle management platforms give you the agility and control you need to collaborate with the world’s top subtitling specialists. These platforms also provide real-time status and delivery updates so you can easily update your captions, including adding new language options. They also let you customize the caption style and size, and they come in sync with the video.

The technical specifications of Romanian subtitles are quite specific. You can have as many as two lines of subtitles, up to 37 characters per line. You can also specify frame gaps, glyph list, line treatment, positional data, and timing-to-audio. You can also specify whether or not dialogue crosses shot changes. If you are unsure about these specifications, you can always consult a professional subtitling company.

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