What Is the Difference Between a Roll Off Dumpster and a Recycling Dumpster?

A roll-off dumpster is a waste container used to dispose of large items like construction waste and appliances. A recycling dumpster is a waste container to dispose of different recyclable materials. The owner can empty a roll-off dumpster. In contrast, a recycling dumpster needs to be opened by a professional service provider. The difference between these types of dumpsters can be explained by their sizes and the materials they are designed for.

How to Select the Proper Size for Your Residential Project

Many factors go into choosing the right size for your residential project. Still, one of the essential ones is how many people live in your home.

There are two types of dumpsters that you will see at construction sites: 

  • Residential construction dumpsters and commercial construction dumpsters. The former is a smaller dumpster meant for residential projects. At the same time, the latter is a larger one indicated for commercial projects.
  • When choosing between these two types, you should consider how many people live in your home and what kind of waste you produce. For example, suppose only 2-3 people live in your home. In that case, a residential construction dumpster may be enough for you because it can hold up to 3 cubic yards of waste if there are more than 4-5 people living.

Who Needs a Roll-Off Container?

The construction industry has a lot of waste to dispose of, and often it is difficult for contractors to find an appropriate place to dispose of the trash. Construction companies need a way to haul away construction debris, and they need it quickly. This is where the roll-off container comes in handy. These containers are typically used for hauling away construction waste like concrete slabs, dirt, trash, and debris. The containers are also used by demolition companies that want to remove large structures from their site in one go. The use cases for these containers are endless, but they make life much easier for contractors with a lot of work.

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What are the Different Types of Residential Construction Waste?

There are three types of construction waste:

  • Waste that is generated during site development and demolition activities
  • Waste that is generated during construction activities
  • Waste that is generated after the building has been completed.

Construction waste can be a potential source of pollution, so it’s important to know what types of construction waste are being produced and how they should be managed.

What’s Commonly Recycled in a Residential Construction Dumpster?

It is not uncommon for a residential construction dumpster to be filled with a wide variety of materials, including old appliances, furniture, and other items.

Dumpster diving is searching through waste containers for discarded goods that can be resold or recycled.

The most common items found in residential construction dumpsters are:

  • Paper products (e.g., newspapers and magazines)
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Cans and bottles
  • Furniture
  • Building materials (e.g., drywall)

How Much Does It Cost to Rent or Hire a Roll-Off Bin?

Roll-off bins are an essential item for any business. They are used not only for waste management but also for various other purposes such as storage, transportation, and even construction. Finding the right dumpster rental company in Fort Pierce is essential to ensure that you get the best service at the best price. You should always compare prices, check reviews and ensure you know what you need before booking anything.

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