6 Reasons Why QR Codes Need to be Part of Your Banner Printing Strategy 

In this ever-digitising world, QR codes are increasing in popularity among marketers. The idea behind QR codes is simple – create unique images (or codes) that can be scanned by smartphone cameras. Any new-age smartphone with an in-built QR code-reader app (most phones have them) can decode these images. 

The app translates these images/codes into more meaningful data such as – web address information, social media links, etc. In the past, marketing materials would feature website links or social media profile names. Customers would have to manually type these links on their browsers to get in touch with brands. QR codes simplify this process.

Using QR Codes on Banners

Most consumers who see banner or billboard ads don’t bother to manually type in web addresses on their smartphones. If you print QR codes on your brand’s marketing banners, there are higher chances of customer engagement. How high? Very high. According to a recent survey from the US –

  • 45% of shoppers used marketing QR codes in 2021.
  • 59% of shoppers view QR codes as useful features; they plan to use them in the future.
  • Various businesses from various industries are using QR codes to share information with customers. Some use them to accept payments as well. These businesses include – restaurants, retail stores, contractors, and event managers.

QR codes are universally loved by customers and marketers alike. They give brands the ability to make instant and fast connections with their target customers. Even if 10% of the people who see your banner ads use the QR codes, that’s incredible brand exposure. Here are six more reasons why QR codes need to be part of your banner printing strategy –

  1. Send Customers from Your Banners to Your Website

Let’s say you’re promoting a seasonal sale with custom-printed banners in a crowded area. An attractive banner will attract eyes and make target customers more familiar with your brand. But, it can’t make shoppers view your entire catalogue of products/services. 

With custom QR codes, you can redirect them to specific landing pages on your website. Create specific landing pages for seasonal sales & offers. Print QR codes on your custom banners to send potential customers to these pages. 

  • Direct Call

Tired of your banner or brochure ads not encouraging customers to call your company phone line? Try presenting your company’s phone number in QR codes. One scan and your target customers can directly ring your business contact number. 

  • Direct Message

The QR codes in your banners can also be used to collect phone numbers. Program the code to send a message to any customer who scans the code. Then, send the customers messages to promote deals, offer user support, etc.

  • Direct Social Media Access

The same QR code logic applies here. Redirect target customers to your brand’s Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media accounts with custom QR codes.

  • Direct App Download 

Does your brand own a unique app? If so, you can encourage downloads by printing QR codes on your marketing banners. Just re-direct anyone who scans the code to the download page of your brand’s app.

  • Offer Discounts

Offer discounts or other perks to anyone who sees your banner and scans the QR code on it. You’ll get an accurate measure of your banner marketing campaign’s success by tracking this metric.

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