Outdoor Blind Installation – Top Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

Installing outdoor blinds in your home has many benefits. Your house remains cooler, reducing the use of air conditioning, and you can ensure your privacy while controlling the amount of light entering through the windows. The blinds also block UV rays in the sunshine from entering your home and causing your furnishings to fade. It is also a great way of boosting the décor of your home without spending too much. However, to enjoy the maximum benefits, you must ensure that you install the blinds correctly. Some of the top mistakes you need to avoid:

Not Measuring the Windows Correctly 

The most vital aspect of outdoor window blind installation is getting the measurements right. You should ensure that you measure the windows accurately and note the dimensions immediately without trying to commit them to memory since it is easy to be confused and make mistakes. You should also ensure that you do not mix up the breadth and the width of the patio blinds because you will waste a lot of money. The trick is to make three columns on a sheet of paper to list the window location, its width, and length, and remember to take and write down the details in the same order. Be sure to take down all the measurements in inches rounded off to the next 1/8 inch.

Forgetting to Measure All Windows

You must measure all the windows individually, even though it is laborious. Since it is easy to miss out on a window or two, you should do it like the professionals. Stand outside the front door, face the house, and start measuring each window in a clockwise direction. You can begin with the window on your immediate right and circle around the house in a clockwise direction. It can help to have assistance to make the measurements accurate. One person can measure the windows while the other can write it down. After completing one round, they can switch places and measure the windows again to ensure accuracy. Make up codes for each window, so you know which room and window your measurements refer to. According to Homes and Gardens, ordering blinds measuring two inches more on all four sides can help get enough space for fixing. When you use these codes, placing the order becomes easier. tweakvip.com

Not Choosing the Right Kind of Blinds

There are so many different kinds of outdoor blinds that it is easy to get confused and buy the wrong type. It is better to use vertical blinds for large windows, while those with horizontal slats work better for smaller windows. Outdoor blinds have to face the brunt of the weather, so you should choose blinds made of robust materials like PVC, aluminum, or tough fabrics like polyester. You should ensure that they are UV-resistant so that less radiation enters the room and the blinds themselves do not fade. Learn more about News

Conclusion  While accurate measurements and the right choice of the blind material and type are essential factors for a good buy, it is also vital that you install the blinds correctly. Correctly installing the blinds will ensure optimal privacy, better light control, durability, and pleasing aesthetic

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