Roles and responsibilities of a cyber security engineer

Cybersecurity engineers are the one who helps companies by protecting their computer and networking system from any sort of hacking and cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity engineers serve one key role which is safeguarding the sensitive data of the company from hackers and cybercriminals. They are expected to have meticulous attention to detail, outstanding problem-solving skills, and even deliver results on tight deadlines. To ensure success, cyber security engineer displays an excellent understanding of technology with the help of firewalls, VPNs, Data loss prevention, etc. There are many cyber security courses in India post-graduation which help one in becoming a cyber security professional.

Cyber security professionals help in designing and implementing methods for securing the company’s cyberspace. This is one of the most challenging jobs with a lot of rewards and responsibilities. Let us take a glimpse at some of the roles and responsibilities of cyber security engineer:

  • Evaluate the security requirement of the company and plan according to and also create contingency measures.
  • Design, maintain, oversee and upgrade the security network system for protecting the sensitive data of the company.
  • Contribute to the building of cybersecurity strategies for making the company’s data secure in case of any breach or forceful intrusion.
  • Planning, implementing, managing and monitoring, and also upgrading the security methods for the protection of company data, systems, and networks.
  • Troubleshooting security and network problems.
  • Respond to the system and network security breaches.
  • Ensure that the company’s data and infrastructure are protected by enabling the appropriate security control.
  • Participate in the change management procedure

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  • Test and identify the network and system vulnerabilities
  • Regularly perform administrative tasks and reporting and enable communication within the relevant department in the company.
  • Evaluate the company security requirement and establish the best methods and standards.
  • Design, and implement different methods for maintaining the security
  • Routinely conduct penetration testing
  • Take appropriate measures for ensuring that the company infrastructure and data are kept safe.
  • Conduct testing and scans for identifying any sort of vulnerabilities in network and system
  • Take an active role in changing management procedures.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with other team departments to establish security protocols.

Along with roles and responsibilities, let us also get aware of the skills. The skills which are required to be a cyber security engineer are problem-solving skills, in-depth knowledge of computer science, knowledge of security across different platforms, attention to detail, communication skills, fundamental computer forensic skills, and even ethical hacking.

Cyber security engineer job requirements even include a degree in computer science, IT, and engineering. Two years of work experience with incident detection and experience with firewalls are also beneficial. Cyber security engineers must have proficiency in Python, C++, Java, etc.

Conclusion: For becoming a cybersecurity engineer, there are many IT security and automotive security certification courses which help teams to maintain security. Cybersecurity is one such niche that offers an abundance of job opportunities for individuals who are skilled enough to perform the duties. The future in the field of cybersecurity is quite lucrative. Cybercrime and data breaches are threats that companies face on a daily basis, and cyber security engineers have become an integral part of the organization.

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