6 Occasions You Should Consider Ridesharing

Ridesharing is the online access to personal vehicles for transport services between different points. The trend is revolutionizing the transit industry for the better. People were always torn between the safety of cabs and the affordability of public transit. But through ridesharing, they have a much safer and cheaper option that comes with minimal risks. Ridesharing service providers also offer opportunities for shorter, faster trips or hitchhiking at an affordable cost. Unsure why you should ditch other means for rideshare? Here are five occasions where a ridesharing experience is a perfect choice. 

  1. When You Need Fast Trips 

It’s no secret that ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft are thriving because they get people where they want to be faster. A conventional taxi would have a hard time offering short trips at your convenience. Doing so will mean high fuel costs and general inefficiency, leading to losses. Well, ridesharing services have no problem with that. You will spend less time waiting for your transit, and through the ridesharing feature, you get to share the cost with others heading in the same way. All parties win. The driver makes enough cash while you get to your destination without delay or draining your pocket. 

  1. When You Need Secure Rides

Safety is a major reason why riders are shifting to ridesharing service providers. Companies like Uber have taken effective measures to secure both the driver and the rider. As a rider, you are safer knowing Uber vets its drivers by checking past criminal history. 

Apart from crime checks, other important clearances by ridesharing companies include:

  • Vehicle checks
  • Annual checks on multistate criminal databases
  • Review of the National Sex Offenders Database

Doing these checks makes ridesharing just as safe as public transport, except more convenient. 

Apart from background checks, getting legal help has also been made easier in ridesharing due to the availability of top-notch rideshare accident attorneys. This post by JT Legal Group offers more insight into Uber and Lyft accidents.

Remember, having rideshare lawyers fighting by your side gives you time to rest and recover in case of an accident. 

  1. When You Need Unrestricted Movement

Public transport is located in specific areas and does not run round the clock. Ridesharing is the best alternative to getting home quickly after working late at night. 

You can also take trips to parts of the city with limited metro or train access without restrictions. This movement to and from anywhere can be costly with traditional taxi services. 

With ridesharing, long-distance travel has become cheaper as the cost is divided per occupant. 

  1. When Looking for Group Rides

Back in the day, when you traveled in groups, each of you paid the same amount for public transport. Cab services weren’t any different because they weren’t suitable for group rides.

With the emergence of services like Uber and Lyft, the options for group rides are endless. The best part is that the prices are competitive enough that you won’t have to pay per head.

  1. When You Run Out of Cash

In most places around the world, you would need cash to move around easily. That’s not the case with rideshare services regardless of where you are.

If you run out of cash, no problem because you don’t need it when calling a car. The e-hail app you use usually connects your account with your credit card, enabling you to finish the transaction cashless.

  1. When in Need of Emergency Rides

Have you ever struggled to negotiate taxi services after having too much to drink?

With rideshare, you don’t have to stand in obscure parts of the street negotiating as there is a service you can always rely on. 

Through the apps, you will find an available driver and the price to get you home. The bonus is you do not have to pay in cash or worry whether you have been short-changed or not. 

You can also get in touch with a rideshare service provider and get help during an emergency. If alone, some ridesharing apps have panic buttons that can get you the police and medical attention you need.

Final Thoughts

Ridesharing is not just a trendy version of a taxi for millennials and Gen Zers. There are way more advantages to the service. This list shows you some of the occasions that make ridesharing necessary today. From fast and secure trips to easy service, the cons of rideshare outweigh the cons.

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